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Coral Springs Recognizes Over 20 Members of the Community During Black History Month

During Black History Month, the City of Coral Springs is recognizing Black individuals, businesses, or business owners who have positively contributed to the community with outstanding service and/or achievement records.
In January, residents were invited to nominate an individual or business. Categories included educator, public safety personnel, artist, youth under 18 involved in community service, adult contributing to the success of youth, or any Black community member, or business.
Here are those who were nominated.

Dr. Precious Skinner-Osei

Dr. Skinner–Osei, a Coral Springs resident of 10 years, has worked in partnership with the Coral Springs Police Department since 2017.
She has bridged the gap between the community and the Police Department while mentoring our underserved community’s children and providing students with academic and civic learning.
Her contributions to our community make her not just a role model for the Black Community but the entire Coral Springs community.

Cassandra Br3ice

Cassandra Brice has lived in Coral Springs for 17 years and served as an SGA Advisor in Coral Springs High School for the past two years.
She has revitalized the program culminating in the school’s most recent win at the 2020 Teen Political Forum. As a strong Black woman herself, she imbues strength and determination in all her students.

Rachel Robuste

Rachel Robuste is a Community Liaison at Liberty Elementary and has lived in Coral Springs for 6 years. Focused on helping students feel accepted and confident, she infuses value and self-esteem in each student – igniting their potential.
Her work ethic and dedication make her an incredible role model for the Coral Springs Black community.
Winston Clarke
Winston Clark, Sawgrass Springs Middle School Educator, has lived in Coral Springs for 14 years. Encouraging students to pursue careers in STEM, his direct, yet understanding personality allows and empowers students of all races to achieve high academic standards while being respectful and courteous to their peers.
Christopher Crossman
Christopher Crossman, a six-year resident of Coral Springs, is the Assistant Principal of J.P. Taravella High School and has positively impacted over 3,000 families in the city.
He has demonstrated incredible work ethic and commitment to the community, students, parents, and teachers, serving as a role model to all.
Rolsilla Francis
Rolsilla Francis, Behavior Tech at Forest Glenn Middle School, works closely with our Black Youth community, impacting their growth and self-improvement.
Always going above and beyond to make a positive and lasting effect on the students, she often works after hours to gain funding for the program.
Linda Pierre
Linda Pierre, a Sawgrass Springs Middle School Educator, has been teaching in Coral Springs for 15 years. As a recently named Teacher of the Year, she has commanded the respect of her peers, parents, and the entire community.
Working closely with the U.S. Chess Federation program, she helps bring enrichment to students’ lives in the city of Coral Springs. Constantly, she goes over and beyond the call of duty as an educator to ensure students at Sawgrass Springs Middle School succeed and are prepared for high school.
Sharon Hannor-Murray
Sharon Hannor-Murray is an outstanding Reading and ESOL/ELA Educator at Sawgrass Springs Middle School and has been for the past 22 years.
She has coached Floor Hockey and Volleyball for the SSMS Gators. Notably, she has been an asset to the Coral Springs community by providing parent training and reading resources to students who need an extra boost to improve their reading skills.

Adult contributing to the success of youth

Nick Cabral
Nick Cabral, owner of HYAS Performance, trains students through performance-based activities while also mentoring them to ensure they have good grades, excellent behavior, and be stand up citizens.
He has played an important role in the lives of young Black men who may often need a mentor and someone to help them craft a future for themselves.
Major Collins
Major Collins, resident of Coral Springs for 8 years, is a Federal Officer and the Founder of DadsBeOnDuty.com.
He has hosted Back to School Events, distributing school supplies to the elementary, middle, and high school students throughout the city, and personally assisted families with food, clothing, and toys during the holidays, especially during the pandemic.
Additionally, he has mentored numerous African American fathers in the community who struggled with parental skills to become a better role model for their children.

Raymond Simpson

Raymond Simpson is a California native, a longtime Coral Springs resident, and the Editor at TSFD. He lives with his family in Coral Springs, where you can find him on weekends running – literally running – with his two golden retrievers.

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