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Protesters are calling for change after a 4-year-old boy was killed by his father

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – On Thursday morning the group of protesters demanded change within the court system to protect young children from domestic abuse.

Greyson Kessler’s mother and other family members were among the protesters outside the Broward County courthouse in Fort Lauderdale. Kessler was shot and killed by his father last month before 47-year-old John Stacey turned the gun on himself.

According to Officials Stacey had repeatedly threatened the 4-year-old’s mother with violence. Now his grandmother, Ronni Kessler, is saying someone should have noticed the warning signs.

“Everybody failed us, from the police, child victim services, the court system. Nobody paid attention,” said Ronni.

“It’s just devastating,” said Jeremy Katzman, whose son went to school with Greyson. “It devastated a whole community and our whole class is grieving, and we need to find a way to carry on Greyson’s memory and find a solution to end domestic violence and fix mental health and fix the legal system so other families don’t ever have to experience this trauma, and I think that will help Greyson live on.”

 Greyson’s mother filed an Order of Protection against the boy’s father after receiving texts from him saying she deserved to die.

 A judge denied the request citing a lack of facts.

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