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Man taken into custody after stealing about $10,000 worth of tools

Oaklnd Park, Florida – Man was arrested after being captured on surveillance video last month breaking into a woodshop in Oakland Park and stealing about $10,000 worth of tools.
According to the police Steven Cyriacks, 33, was taken into custody Thursday on charges of petty theft, burglary and grand theft. He also faces charges of possession of heroin, possession of drug paraphernalia and bringing contraband into a detention facility.
According to the victim, Way Hoyt, last month his nine surveillance cameras captured a thief stealing two generators and all of his hand tools and cordless drills.
“I was pretty dismayed,” Hoyt said, adding “I have worked a long time to get all this stuff.”
The burglar walked right through the front door to his shop and then used his tools to cut his fence open.
“I didn’t lock the deadbolt on the building — the one night that I don’t do that,” said Hoyt, who owns Tree Trimmers & Associates.

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