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For 7th consecutive day, demonstrations for a free Cuba planned

Miami, Florida – Demonstrations for a free Cuba in South Florida planned for the seventh day in a row.
From Calle Ocho, to the streets of Hialeah and up to Hollywood, South Florida continues to show up and stand up for Cuba to demand change.
On Friday, demonstrators from South Florida planned to join other demonstrators near the White House on Saturday and boarded buses and drove their own vehicles in a caravan to Washington, D.C.
The plan is to ask President Biden to intervene to free Cuba.
The plan for rallies standing with Cuba will continue through the weekend.
At 5:30 p.m. Saturday, a peaceful demonstration is also planned at the Freedom Tower – by land and by sea to demand freedom.
“This generation has had it,” says Dr. Raquel Garcia. “They’re tired of the oppression they’re tired of the hunger they’re tired of the need and lack of communication, no longer.”
According to Dr. Garcia, a small rally outside Research Centers of America along Sheridan St. is organized Friday afternoon.
“This is not a joyous occasion; this is a similar event where we are going to be playing images and the videos and audio of what we are getting from Cuba,” says Miami Mayor Francis Suarez.
He says this is not just a Cuba issue but a human rights issue.
“We have an opportunity to create national and international attention to what’s happening in Cuba and if we don’t do it no one will pay attention and they will feel completely abandoned,” says Suarez.
Demonstrators say the call for justice will not stop.
“It’s every immigrant’s dream to be able to fight for their country-of-origin that’s what brings me out – show solidarity for those fighting over there because what we have here we want them to have,” says Natalie Plascencia, demonstrator.

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