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Massive crowd protests, calling for Cuban freedom

Miami, Florida – Saturday afternoon and into the evening a large protest happened in Downtown Miami outside the Freedom Tower.
Joel Gandara was just four years old when he came from Cuba on a boat.
“When the boat would go up, all I would see in the sky,” he said.
A similar story for Rosa Iglesas, who left the island when she was 19.
“What my country needed is the same thing I came here looking for; freedom,” she said.
Iglesas’ daughter, now pushing for freedom along with her.
“My parents came from Cuba, and they gave me a better life here, they gave me freedom,” said Gabriella Quinitero.
They were some of the thousands who came out to the Freedom Tower on Saturday, a landmark for Cubans seeking a better life.
The massive rally marked the seventh straight day of protests in South Florida, with many calling on President Joe Biden to take action.
The rally ended with the illumination of the Freedom Tower in the colors of the Cuban flag.

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