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Woman displaced from her Northwest Miami-Dade home after a fire

Miami-Dade, Florida – A woman has been displaced from her home after a fire sparked in the kitchen while she was cooking dinner.
On Friday afternoon Suzanne, Ulysse’s home, along with Northwest 29th Court and 91st Street, was burned out.
“All of my children’s pictures, the diplomas — there’s no way that you can express the feeling of something you have for 30 years,” she said. “That’s my whole life besides my children. I know that’s material stuff. God spared my life, but there’s history in this house.”
According to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue personnel, they cut off window bars to get inside of the home and extinguish the fast-moving blaze. Crews could also be seen cutting off parts of the roof to attack the fire from above.
It began when she was cooking and left the room Ulysse said. She came back to her kitchen filled with smoke.
“I couldn’t go back,” Ulysse said. “My phone was in the bed, and that’s when I walked outside the house to call for help. I heard the neighbors, but I didn’t see anyone. That’s when I put the shirt over my head and went back in.”
Neighbors would call 911 for help as soon as they saw the fire spark.
“I see the house start smoking, a hard smoke, and I called 911,” a neighbor said. “I thought she was in the house! I ran to 92nd Street, go around, and saw her talking, but finally, when I saw her talking, that means she’s safe.”
Despite losing everything, Ulysse found something to be grateful for.
“I am thankful,” she said. “It could have been worse. My children weren’t there, and everyone else that was helping to put down that fire, come out alive. I know they are tired, but they are alive, and that is something to be grateful for.”
According to fire rescue officials, no injuries were reported.

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