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White House confirms that Biden will not attend Obama’s 60th birthday, guests to take tests before coming to the party

White House officially announced that president Joe Biden won’t be able to attend former president Obama 60th birthday party on Martha’s Vineyard.
“While President Biden is unable to attend this weekend, he looks forward to catching up with former President Obama soon and properly welcoming him into the over 60 club,” the White House official told The Hill.
Obama’s birthday is on Wednesday, but he is about to celebrate it during the weekend. Unfortunately, Biden will travel to Rehoboth Beach, Del., on Friday which makes it impossible to attend the party.
According to The Hill, Obama has a pretty decent A-list friends invited to the party of the weekend and almost all of them confirmed that will attend the Martha’s Vineyard event. Obama’s spokesperson confirmed that all guests were asked to take Covid-19 tests before joining the party.
Among the celebrities who confirmed their attendance are Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney.
Almost 500 guests will attend the birthday party, a person connected to Obama’s family said to Axios.
Once this information surfaced online, people on social media were disgusted by the Obama’s idea to organize such a big party while the Delta variant is increasing the number of coronavirus cases across the country.
It was just a week ago, last Tuesday, when CDC announced new mask guidelines recommending even fully vaccinated people to wear masks while indoors, especially in the so-called Covid-19 hot spots.
Although Martha’s Vineyard is not considered an area of “substantially-high” risk, the party surely goes against all the recommendations we hear every day from the president Joe Biden, White House, health and state officials.

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