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A Miami-Dade student sends a powerful message that you can do it if you put your mind to it

Miami-Dade, Florida – Thanks to FIU’S unique Fostering Panther Pride program, which provides housing and support for homeless students, Terrence Nickerson has gone from homeless to college graduate.
“I feel excited, I feel really, really excited, a little nervous at first, but I’m really excited,” Nickerson said at FIU’S commencement exercises Wednesday night.
“OK, well it wasn’t easy at first, just getting to college was a challenge in and of itself, you know with exams and stuff but I had lots of incredible help to get me this far,” Nickerson said.
For example, it’s good to have the superintendent in your corner as a mentor.
“I, too, was homeless in this community, so I traveled the same journey, that was the point of connection between us,” said Miami-Dade Public Schools superintendent Alberto Carvalho. “There are 9,000 homeless kids in our community, there are thousands who are growing up in poverty in very, very difficult, fragile conditions, Terrence sends a powerful message that you can do it if you put your mind to it.”
Nickerson lived in a homeless shelter by himself, with no parents to help him or guide him. He walked to Jackson High every day and relied on help from the staff there, as well as social workers from the Chapman Partnership.
“He’s got grit, determination, he’s a courageous kid, never frowns, his smile is infectious,” Carvalho said. “He’s a bright light during a contentious time.”
“I’m still young so there’s a lot for me to learn, so I’m just hoping that I can keep growing,” Nickerson said.

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