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Coral Springs proposes to install digital signs at four parks

Coral Spring, Florida –Coral Springs city is proposing to spend $250,000 next year to install digital signs at four city parks and facilities.
The proposed $250,000 spending is including in a preliminary $144 million budget for the fiscal year 2021-2022 that includes a tax hike and fees increase for city property owners.
Officials say the four signs would be built at Sportsplex, Mullins Park, Betti Stradling Park, and North Community Park.
According to a budget document, many of the city’s entryway and park signs are not consistent in theme or design. They feature a mix of designs with old and new city logos.
According to the document, Coral Springs has no interactive signs allowing for “messaging and other important data to be displayed”.
“The city branding changed in 2014 and is inconsistent throughout our parks (and elsewhere),” said Lynne Martzall, the city’s spokeswoman and director of communications and marketing, in a statement. “City branding and imaging is important to creating a sense of place and improves our overall aesthetics.”
Asked about future sign replacement projects, Martzall said: “Additional requests will be forthcoming in future budget years to improve city signage/aesthetics.”

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