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Florida church holds vaccination event

Miami, Florida – Six members of Jacksonville church died from COVID-19 in the past two weeks. All were unvaccinated.
According to Pastor George Davis at Impact Church, the past week had been very difficult.
“We’ve had now six members of our church over the course of a couple of weeks now that have passed away from Covid,” said Davis during the service that was live-streamed on the church’s Facebook page. “It has just absolutely ripped our hearts apart. The most recent one was actually a young lady on our worship team.”
According to Davis, four of the deaths were members under the age of 35 and that they were all healthy — but that none of them were vaccinated.
“It’s pain,” Davis said. “These are actual people that I know, that I have pastored. One 24-year-old kid, I’ve known him since he was a toddler.”
According to Davis, 15-20 church members were in the hospital battling Covid and around 10 members were at home with the virus. He said he is certain the members didn’t contract the virus at the church.
“Part of my resolve is, yes we are praying, but we aren’t just going to be praying,” said Davis on Sunday. “We are going pray and do something. And part of our do something in this situation is that we are having a vaccination event.”
The church hosted a free vaccination clinic on Sunday for anyone who wanted to get the Coivd-19 vaccine. The clinic was held in partnership with health officials from the University of Florida Health. Along with offering the Pzifer vaccine, Davis said they had medical educators available for anyone who had questions or concerns about vaccinations.
“My family and I are all fully vaccinated,” said Davis on Sunday. “I’m not asking you to be vaccinated because I don’t want to pressure you. We are simply making it available for those who want it.”

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