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Teachers prepare for students to return to in-person learning in Broward County

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – As the new school year is coming, Broward County teachers are getting ready for the new school year amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
According to the teachers, their students come in next week, they’re ready to see them, teach them and the students will be ready to learn.
The bulletin boards are going up and desks are being moved as Broward County teachers return to their classrooms.
“I’m excited for the kids to be back, for them to be engaged and be life-long learners,” said reading and language arts teacher Kanika Frazier-Wright.
“This year, I’m looking forward to reconnecting, re-energizing the students, and renewing our faith that even after everything, that they’re going to be great,” she said.
“The students have been at home all year, so they’re ready to get back into the classroom, they’re ready to see their friends and their teachers and socialize, and they’re ready to learn,” said New River Middle School assistant principal Cheryl Reep.
New River is one of the largest middle schools in the county. They will welcome more than 1,600 students.
“I feel safe, I feel that my administration is here to support me,” Frazier-Wright said.
“I am vaccinated, proud to say,” said teacher Ivorie Stewart. “The students look forward to it, actually. I’ve never had a problem. I have a station where they come in, they wash their hands.”
In Mrs. Stewart’s classroom, hand-washing is mandatory.
In all classrooms, there’s hand sanitizer and wipes.
“The Broward County School District has made it a priority to make sure that teachers have everything they need in terms of sanitary wipes and making sure that the physical distancing is still in place,” said New River Middle’s magnet coordinator Katherine O’Fallon. “I just want them to be back. We’re all about hands-on interaction, getting exposed to career pathways while they’re still in middle school, and the only way to do that is when they’re here.”
Teachers have been told that they will try to keep students as socially distanced as possible, they will try to keep their desks at least a minimum of three feet apart from the other desks if at all possible, and when school opens next week, they will also have staggered times as to when they change classes so that the hallways don’t get filled with students at one time.

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