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Evicted “mother” raises over $200k, managed to fool even CNN who helped her raise the money, ended up to be only a babysitter

Some people are definitely prepared to avoid all obstacles and go as far as they can to trick the system to become rich and this “mom” of three young children who was nervous about being evicted amid the federal eviction moratorium is just another representation of that. Only that she hadn’t been evicted, but still, managed to raise more than $200k.
It looks like CNN was fooled like never before after promoting the story of a young mother with three kids who has been evicted amid the federal eviction moratorium, but it turned out that she was only the babysitter of those children. CNN went even further, promoting her GoFundMe campaign where more than $200k were raised to help the young “mother”.
CNN reporter Nick Watt caught up with Dasha Kelly last week for a story on the recent eviction moratorium lapse. He referred to the three children as “her little girls” and noted they could all end up on the street as CNN’s on-screen chyron said, “Mom braces for eviction.” Watt explained that Kelly lost her job because of the coronavirus pandemic and can no longer afford child care, and her “little girls” were shown during CNN’s segment.
How biased the reporting has become is the fact that the woman ended up not to be the mother of the children shown in the “spectacular story” and CNN had to update the case.
This is what CNN said:
“Update: After CNN aired a story about her potential eviction, Dasha Kelly clarified to CNN that she is not the mother of the three children featured in the story. CNN has verified she takes care of the children in her home for periods of time. She says she originally described herself to CNN as a mother because she considers herself to be like one to them,” a correction added to CNN’s online report said.
Reasonably, people once again slammed CNN for their non-professional reporting and they had to update the article with a disclaimer at the beginning of the story: After CNN aired a story about her potential eviction, Dasha Kelly clarified to CNN that she is not the mother of the three children featured in the story.”
Kelly was portrayed as a “single mom” at the outset, however.
“Dasha Kelly has started a GoFundMe page to try and cover that rent, $2,000. It’s a Hail Mary, she says she’s praying for a miracle, hoping for a miracle,” Watt told CNN viewers who were quick to donate.
What’s even more, CNN shared the GoFundMe campaign for raising money for help on their social media accounts resulting with more than $200k raised in a matter of days.
Some of the Democrats like Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., shared the spectacular CNN interview in an effort to address how important the new eviction moratorium announced by the Biden administration was at that point.
“This is the least that we can do for you is to step up and make sure that you get to stay in the safety and comfort of your home, while we work on other things, to help make sure that your life and the lives of your children are better,” Bush said.
It was not immediately revealed how CNN learned that the story was completely fake, but they updated the complete story claiming Kelly is actually the girlfriend of the children’s father, and they will return to live with their actual mother before school starts.
This is another proof how easy it seems like to fool even the CNN.

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