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COVID-19 struck down Coral Springs first responder

Coral Springs, Florida – A Coral Springs first responder is fighting for his life with a severe case of COVID-19.
According to his daughter Nicole Bazos, Peter Bazos, 57, a Correctional Probation Senior Officer for the state Department Of Corrections, attended Coral Springs High School and played football at Florida State University, leading an ultra-healthy lifestyle before COVID-19 struck him down.
“We are more than anything asking for continuous prayers and anything that anyone can help with towards medical bills and therapy for his recovery process,” Bazos wrote on her father’s GoFundMe page. “Anyone that knows my dad knows he is the first to help someone in need. My dad has a heart of gold.”
Nicole says Peter Bazos was recently admitted to the hospital with Covid-19 and double pneumonia. After six days, he was sent home with oxygen but soon suffered a severe stroke and was rushed back for life-saving care.
Bazos suffered a blood clot on the right side of his brain and is paralyzed on the left side of his body, his daughter said. Severe swelling on his brain led doctors to perform emergency surgery to relieve the pressure.
According to his daughter, he is currently intubated and using a ventilator; his lungs are “still critical” due to COVID-19.
“Fortunately, my family and I were allowed one short visit where we were able to see my dad through the glass window,” said Nicole Bazos, who has a twin sister, Susanne. “We feel he knew we were there.”
“We really do believe he’s going to be able to push through,” Nicole Bazos said. “But it’s been a nightmare we can’t wake up from right now.”

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