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South Florida sends help to Haiti

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – After the weekend’s earthquake in Haiti, several groups in South Florida are collecting and sending relief supplies.
People from Port-au-Prince were arriving to escape the turmoil in their country at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport
“They need help. Haiti is a poor country, as you know, no matter what we need help,” said Mez Melvil, who was one of the dozens of people who arrived at the airport from Haiti on Monday.
Aid from South Florida began arriving in Haiti over the weekend. JetBlue donated a plane, gas, and crew to bring first responders, medical supplies, and other relief to the country. Team Rubicon will help with those injured and getting them the medical attention they need.
“We bring in medical teams, we look at water and sanitation. Really, we’re going there with an open mind right now to see how best our skills can be put to use to help the survivors of this disaster,” said Dennis Clancy, Operations Director of Team Rubicon.
According to Nate Mook, executive director of World Central Kitchen, they have sent food and supplies.
“There are a lot of hunger challenges in Haiti right now, even before the earthquake, and now this earthquake, especially in the south, has really amplified the need for food. So we’re here to provide hot and fresh meals for the community. And we’re going to be there as long as we need to be,” said Nate Mook.

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