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Broward dad arrested during protest over school mask mandate

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – On Wednesday a father was arrested in front of Ft. Lauderdale High School.
For the fifth time since Broward Schools resumed in-person learning, Dan Bauman, 50, walked his daughter, Isabel, to school. Isabel is a 10th grader in her first year at Ft. Lauderdale High. She has refused to wear a mask and has been turned away each day by the administration.
“First of all, it’s illegal for them to mandate it. It’s against the law, it’s against the Parents Bill of Rights. Our belief is it doesn’t stop the spread of the virus. It doesn’t control it, it does more harm than good,” said Bauman.
“I want to be able to go to school as everyone does but I can’t wear a mask, I can’t breathe in it and I want to have that choice,” said Isabel
According to the arrest report, on Wednesday, a student approached Bauman and said “I’ve had enough for four days” and attempted to grab his cellphone as he was recording.
According to the report, Bauman pushed the student in the shoulder and then “grabbed her hand and twisted her arm in an aggressive manner”.
Bauman was immediately taken into custody and has been charged with aggravated child abuse. Four supporters of Isabel showed up carrying signs in front of the school to protest the district’s mask mandate. A group of students on the school’s campus chanted ‘Wear a Mask, Wear a Mask’ directed toward the group as well as Isabel.
According to the school’s interim principal, Sean Curran, the school’s hands are tied. The administration is just following the guidance of the Broward County school district. He also said the school has met numerous times with Bauman’s family and detailed exceptions that are available.
Meanwhile, Curran said the student body as a whole is following the district’s guidance.
“Our kids are incredible,” Curran said. “Every single one of them is wearing it and are supportive of what the measures are to keep everyone safe.”
“Our local school district thinks the best way to protect our students is by a mask mandate. Every student here this morning is going to support that and has been doing so diligently. One student does not speak for all of us,” said Fort Lauderdale High-class president Raymond Adderly.

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