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Managers from trash hauler promise to improve service in Coral Springs

Coral Springs, Florida – According to the team from Waste Pro, this week the company is aggressively looking to hire drivers lost during the pandemic, repair damaged trucks, and bring back trash routes that were stopped because of a lack of workers.
More than 80 communities in Coral Springs were missed for trash pickup during a three-week period in July, records show. As part of the contract with the city, though, Waste Pro can still pick up trash the next day by 12 pm when missing neighborhoods or else face administrative fees. Coral Springs pays Waste Pro $2.5 million a year to pick up residential trash and bulk items.
“We’re not cutting corners,” said Tim Dolan, the company’s vice president of municipal marketing.
According to Russell Mackie, the company’s vice president for southeast Florida, about 30 routes the company has traditionally run every week in the city as it picks up household trash, yard waste, and larger items, four of those routes are now being missed on a regular basis.
More workers and trucks are expected to arrive in the city in the coming weeks, Dolan said. He didn’t name the city that is ending the service. Waste Pro has been battered by the pandemic, losing drivers to illness and death as well as forcing trucks to be sidelined because of delayed shipments to replace parts, Dolan said.
Commissioners and city officials have dealt with waves of complaints from residents in recent months about the missed trash routes.

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