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A Tesla using its partially automated driving system slammed into police car in Orlando

On Saturday an automated driven Tesla slammed into a Florida Highway Patrol cruiser on an interstate near downtown Orlando and narrowly missed its driver, who had pulled over to assist a disabled vehicle.
According to the U.S. government, earlier this month, a formal investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot driving system is opened after a series of similar collisions with parked emergency vehicles.
According to highway patrol spokeswoman Lt. Kim Montes, the trooper whose cruiser was hit shortly before 5 a.m. Saturday had activated his emergency lights and was on the way to the disabled vehicle when the Tesla hit the cruiser’s left side and then collided with the other vehicle.
The 27-year-old man in the Tesla and the driver of the disabled vehicle suffered minor injuries and the trooper was unhurt, the report said.
Tesla officials did not immediately respond to an email sent to its press address.
Usually, autopilot has f been misused by Tesla drivers, who have been caught driving drunk or even riding in the back seat while Tesla is driving by its own.
Using a lot of computing power, the electric vehicle maker uses a camera-based system and sometimes radar to spot obstacles, determine what they are, and then decide what the vehicles should do. But researchers say it has had trouble with parked emergency vehicles and perpendicular trucks in its path.

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