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Miami Beach adds 50 police officers ahead of the holiday

Miami, Florida – According to Miami Beach officials, 50 additional officers will patrol South Beach for the Labor Day holiday weekend to maintain order and deter crime.
“I know two guys who have been shot dead in the street since I’ve been here and they were very young kids, 24 or 25 years old,” said one tourist.
“The number one deterrent of criminal activity is high visibility, what’s more, high visibility than approximately 50 officers from across Miami-Dade County with lights flashing right here on Miami Beach,” said Ernesto Rodriguez from the Miami Beach Police Department.
Last week’s random murder the 21-year-old Colorado tourist shot in the head in daylight on Ocean Drive, while protecting his 1-year old son, by a crazed gunman reportedly high on psychedelic mushrooms still weighs heavily on the minds of neighbors.
“Especially after what happened, I don’t feel comfortable going by myself,” said Rodriguez.
“It’s not a surprise that happened, but makes me wonder what’s going on?”
Police are making sure whatever is going on this holiday is all in good fun. “The message is come out, party. Have a good time. Do so responsibly. But do not drink and drive,” said Rodriguez.
This police presence is a welcomed sight from people who live here in Miami Beach. “I think it’s a great idea, and we need more of it.”
Miami Dade Fire Rescue warns you to be alert, especially if you are with young ones. According to Erika Benitez, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, “if you’re planning a pool get-together or a trip to the beach, remember never leave children unattended. Swim in areas supervised by lifeguards”.
“It’s beautiful out, it’s a great time to be alive, count your blessings.”

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