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Festivities continue ahead ff Sunday’s Orange Blossom Classic

Miami, Florida – The Orange Blossom Classic is officially here after a 43-year.
“I’m really happy it’s coming back honestly, just bring the people together it brings culture together. It’s really the time especially since the pandemic,” said Dominique Lasseur.
Thursday, a golf tournament, Friday, a career fair. Saturday started off with a parade and then the pregame concert. Sunday, the big football match-up, as FAMU debuted in the Southwestern Athletic Conference and Jackson State fans say they are ready to show them what being in the SWAC is all about.
“The opportunity to bring my team to Miami and let them see what it’s about as FAMU is just now joining the SWAC, so it’s great. The first game head-to-head completion,” said Veronica Simmons.
According to Oliver Gilbert the vice-chair of the Miami-Dade board of county commissioners, the event has a bigger purpose of community involvement and connecting with the younger generation
“Some of our older folks, who are like, ‘hey, I remember this’ and especially since we actually get to show it to kids. Now, we get to show it to a generation who didn’t know that Orange possum was and they understand it’s a grandeur of HBCUs football and how it’s not just a game how what we do is not just.”

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