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Florida Man plants banana tree in the pothole in middle of road

Fort Myer, Florida – A Florida man planted a banana tree in the pothole to make a point.
Right in the middle of the road in south Fort Myers, Bryan Raymond planted the tree as a warning to drivers about the pothole.
According to Raymond, who owns Progress and Pride Fitness Group, he was tired of filling the potholes with cement, so he planted the banana tree instead.
County officials said it’s up to the business owners to maintain the street, the road is a private street.
“If we have to maintain it and make sure nobody gets hurt, we are going to put something obvious there to make sure nobody gets in the hole,” Raymond said.
For some time, Raymond’s security cameras have captured problems along the street, including a pothole damaging cars and floodwaters causing his trash bin to float away.
Anything is better than potholes, some who work along the road said. “I love it, I think it’s hilarious. We should have more of these,” said Scott Shein, who works at a nearby business. “I think it is sending a message.”
Charlie Lopez, who lives in nearby Cape Coral, agrees. “It messes up your tire, messes up the rim and then it basically messes up your day,” he said.

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