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Family from Coral Springs searches for missing woman

Coral Springs, Florida – A family is searching for a loved one who has been missing since last Saturday.
According to her sister, a 28-year-old Dartell Lloyd has not been seen or heard from since Nov. 20.
“I will never, ever give up on finding her. She is like my keeper and I am her keeper,” said Sequoah Lloyd.
Sequoah said Dartell was last seen outside their home at the Marquis Apartments in Coral Springs.
“We’ve tried to do trackable apps. We thought we had a lead in Lauderdill,” said Sequoah Lloyd.
The family has put together search parties over the last few days. They also filed a missing person report with Coral Springs police.
According to Sequoah, her sister has suffered from past relationship traumas.
“I just want my sister’s story to be told. I am hurting because today is Thanksgiving. This is one of her favorite holidays and after 27 years of my life, I have never spent Thanksgiving without her,” said Sequoah Lloyd.
Coral Springs police ask anyone with information to contact at (954) 344-1800.

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