Thanksgiving travelers head back home, the holiday hustle continues

Miami, International Airport, Florida – According to Miami International Airport, Sunday is the busiest travel day since the pandemic began.
Millions of Americans are loading up their cars or piling onto planes.
According to the Transportation Security Administration projected more than 150 thousand passengers passed through security.
One traveler said he was stuck in a line before even walking through the door.
“Nuts! like it took forever just to get out of a Lyft that I took, so yeah, but um, hopefully, I mean I’m seeing signs that say seven to nine minutes to get through security, so that’s good. I’m just hoping I make my flight,” said a traveler.
Numbers continue to climb after auto club AAA estimated nearly 4 million Americans would travel this week.
This week, the number of air travelers is expected to approach or even exceed pre-pandemic levels.

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