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Motorized scooter pilot program with new safety rules

Miami, Florida – Less than two weeks after ending the pilot program that began in 2018, the Miami City Commission has voted to reinstate the program of motorized scooters with new, stringent safety rules.
Miami City commissioners put the brakes on motorized scooters and ordered the companies to remove their motorized scooters from sidewalks on November 18.
However, on Monday, commissioners decided to rescind the ban and introduce new safety rules.
On January 15, the new program is expected to begin with the following rules for operators and riders:
– Riders must wear a helmet (Must have your own).
– Maximum speed limit is 10 mph on sidewalks.
– Can’t ride side-by-side. Must ride single file, one behind the other.
– The amount of vendors per block is being reduced from 4 per block to 2 per block.
The program operates in Commissioner Ken Russell’s District 2, covering Brickell, downtown and surrounding areas, and generates 7,000 daily rides. Riders must be at least 18.

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