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Graffiti covering traffic signs in Miami draws concern from drivers

Miami, Florida – The Graffiti completely obscures traffic signs along Interstate 395 in Miami and makes a difficult drive even harder to navigate.
On Tuesday, the graffiti was spray-painted on two signs on I-395 westbound where the road forks into State Road 836 west and I-95 north and south.
Causing confusion among motorists, the paint completely covers the directions on the signs. ”It’s going to drive us crazy when we get to that area,” said a man who works nearby.
In September this year, the interchange saw some major changes, as a more than $800 million construction project on the interstate system continues.
According to Christian Roman, a ride-hailing service driver, people are just starting to get used to it. “It’s already a headache, and it’s going to be more of a headache now,” he said.
According to many who work near the I-395 on-ramp in downtown Miami, the construction alone has created enough issues. “Even if you have to drive, like, two or three miles in this area, it can take around 20, 30 minutes,” said Arvind Kumar, the owner of Dhaba Indian Kitchen in Miami.
Now they fear the graffiti will just make things worse. “This definitely should not happen, because people get confused,” said Kumar. “On rainy days, it will be crazy,” said the man who works nearby.

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