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Teen Safe Driving Campaign in Coral Springs Police

Coral Springs, Florida – A new Teen Safe Driving campaign to promote citizen safety and responsible driving habits was announced by Coral Springs Police.
Coral Springs Police plan to promote safe-driving habits through routine traffic stops, giving brochures to drivers explaining the importance of safe driving and responsible habits behind the wheel, operating intermittently through Sept. 30, 2022. with the Florida Department of Transportation’s “Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow” initiative.
There will also be higher police visibility and increased patrol throughout the city, including near schools.
According to Officer Chris Swinson, the department held outreach classes and used virtual reality to promote safe driving, but COVID limited its operations.
The Florida Department of Transportation evaluates cities and counties based on types of automobile crashes and identifies involved age groups each year, according to Swinson.
They identified that teen crashes occur at a high rate in the city, compared to the rest of the state, and are providing additional funding for police to expand staffing operations and hours. Since the state provides the city funding, taxpayers will pay no extra cost.
According to a press release, through this enforcement, police hope to reduce crashes and casualties resulting from speeding and aggressive driving.
“Public safety is our number one thing,” Swinson said. “We want to do everything we can to promote safe driving and reduce injuries resulting from crashes.”

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