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Alix Desulme isolates after testing positive for coronavirus

Miami, Florida – A North Miami councilman, Alix Desulme announced on Saturday that he tested positive for the coronavirus.
n a statement released, Desulme said it was a breakthrough infection since he was inoculated and received the booster shot against COVID-19.
“I only have mild cold-like symptoms,” Desulme said. “If I was not vaccinated and boosted, my symptoms could have been much worse. I am continuing to isolate myself at home, where I have been for the last two days.”
Florida reported nearly 33,000 new COVID-19 cases to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from Friday. It’s the second consecutive day the state sets a new record for daily case increase.
According to the latest Florida Department of Health’s weekly COVID-19 data report, the new-case positivity rate in Miami-Dade County is 16.6%.
According to an analysis by epidemiologists with Johns Hopkins University, at 6,472 deaths out of 702,309 cases, Miami-Dade is the ninth county in the country with the highest number of deaths associated with COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

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