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Local artist wants to promote peace in Ukraine with his street art

Miami, Florida – Kyle Holbrook, a Miami artist wants to promote peace in Ukraine with his street.
He wants to get his community involved as well. “It’s a universal language a universal symbol of peace. That’s what my art is about, not just painting pretty pictures,” Holbrook said.
Holbrook’s goal is to gather as many people as he can to take part in the art piece for Ukraine.
He began his own contribution on Wednesday but hopes people will jump onto the Airbnb app and either donate to the cause or join him in creating the message.
As a symbol of solidarity, he’s inviting people to add their footprints, handprints, and other images to the work. He’s offering this as a new Airbnb experience to create “Walkway of Peace,” a 1,000-foot-long mural dedicated to Ukraine.
According to Holbrook, this all began with Ukrainian artist, Nina Chepovska when she painted the first mural on this walkway. “Nina did hers, I’m doing a peace symbol and it’s right here so everyone will see it, Airbnb they can go and contribute,” Holbrook said.
This painting is located on the corner of Northwest 36th Street and Northwest Fifth Avenue.

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