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Coral Springs will spend $150,000 on new cameras and other security upgrades

Coral Springs, Florida – As part of a way to expand the reach of the city’s Real Time Crime Center which aims to improve emergency response and solve crimes faster, Coral Springs is looking to purchase new cameras and other security features.
On Wednesday, city commissioners, are expected to decide on whether to spend $150,000 on security system upgrades at the Coral Springs Aquatic Complex.
According to a city memo explaining the spending, the funds would go to ER Tech Systems Group to improve the existing CCTV security system, add additional cameras to the site, and install a modern server that would enable all the technology to operate on city-wide video management software.
These upgrades will also be integrated with the police department’s Real-Time Crime Center, which gives field officers and detectives instant information to respond to emergencies and help catch criminals.
According to the memo, the money for the proposed upgrades would come from the city’s federal pandemic relief funds.
Coral Springs has been approved for $20 million through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). If approved, the contract with ER Tech Systems Group would go through the end of August, the memo said.

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