New game on ICON Wheel in Orlando allows riders to shoot at targets

ORLANDO, Fla. – ICON Park has added a new feature to The Wheel that allows guests to use toy guns to shoot at targets set up around the park.

The Bullseye Blast game encourages guests to scan the rooftops for “50 strategically pre-selected targets with varying degrees of difficulty” during the 18-minute ride, according to a news release.

An employee at the attraction told News 6 reporter Carolina Cardona on Friday that the game has been in operation “for a few weeks.”

“Each of the custom-made blasters has a scope on it, allowing the players to view an infrared beam and assist them when aiming at the targets. The score is displayed on the side of the blaster and targets flash off and on to confirm a hit,” the release reads.

The park boasts that the game is the first of its kind for an observation wheel. The news release said the game was developed exclusively for The Wheel.

The game can be added to the ride for an additional $5.95, according to the release.

The photo above showing two people holding the toy guns was part of a media release, but the photo is no longer available in the press kit. It’s not known why the picture was removed.

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