New Buc-cee’s opening in Glynn County, Georgia near Darien

DARIEN, Ga. — A new Buc-ee’s travel center is coming to Glynn County, Georgia, at Exit 42 on I-95. That’s about 6 miles from Darien, Georgia and 7.8 miles from Pinehurst, Georgia.

The supersized convenience store, which usually doubles as a gas station, is a tourist attraction in itself.

Buc-ee’s owns the world’s largest convenience store, which is in New Braunfels, Texas. Buc-cee’s stores are known as the “Disney world” of gas stations, with tons of different mini-shops selling anything your heart desires. (Fudge, jerky, sandwiches, jams, jellies, pickles… to name a few).

Glynn County is investing $3 million for improvements to Exit 42, a press release said, including for this project. The investment in infrastructure will be repaid to the county through a payment in lieu of taxes (a fee usually paid to the county instead of regular taxes to save the company money and incentivize them to build in that place).

The full $3 million is expected to be repaid, the press release said. Buc-ees will invest at least $30 million and creating 175 jobs in Glynn County.

They expect annual sales of over $30 million, not including gas sales, the release said.

An opening date has not been announced.

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