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Pregnant Woman and Her Dog Attacked in Fort Lauderdale

It was early Monday morning on Davie Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale when a pregnant woman walking her dog was suddenly attacked.

“I haven’t really left the house, and the dog certainly hasn’t either. She’s got tubes coming out of her neck and drains,” Danielle Lowell said.

Lowell described the nearly life-threatening injuries her dog Messi got after being attacked by another dog.

“I think they said two and a half inch punctures, and if it was an inch over, it would have been her heart,” she said.

Fortunately, the 4-year-old Jack Russell’s heart wasn’t punctured. But her neck, scars, and wounds will take some time to heal.

“It’s really traumatizing,” Lowell added.

NBC 6’s Jessica Vallejo has more on what the victim is saying after the attack.

Lowell is 32 weeks pregnant and said it was a regular walk with Messi on their usual route when a pit bull suddenly lunged at them. Lowell says the pitbull’s owner was nearby.

“No leash, no collar, no nothing. And just went straight for my dog and attacked her. Bit into her right away, and I had my leash, so I was pulled down into it.” Lowell said.

“I was on the ground with two dogs and the pit bull’s teeth locked into my dog’s neck and the owner came,” she said. “Nothing was working; I was hitting the dog, trying to release the lock. Then, I’m standing up, I’m obviously pregnant, I came to, and was like, I can’t be on the ground with this dog and pit bull. Nothing’s working”.

Finally, the pit bull let up. People driving by stopped to help and Lowell’s husband arrived in time to take a picture of the pit bull.

They’re sharing their story and the pictures because they want information about the pit bull for the safety and health of their baby on the way.

Police responded to the scene and a report was filed. The expectant mother and baby are expected to be OK.

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