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What’s up with all the holidays?

Have you noticed that it seems like just about every day now is a holiday?

I’m not talking about some of the staples like Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hanukkah.

I’m referring to National Home Warranty Day on February 10 or National Couscous Day on August 5.

I get some of them like National Bike Day on June 3. But then there’s also National Bike to School Day on May 17.  And don’t confuse that with National Bike and Walk to School Day on October 5.

Don’t even get me started on the burgers.

There’s National Burger Day on August 25. National Cheeseburger Day on September 18. National Double Cheeseburger Day on September 15. National Plant Based Burger Day on October 10. And National Veggie Burger Day on June 5.

It makes me wonder: who comes up with these days? Who thought we needed a National Wiggle Your Toes Day? Or a National False Teeth Day?

But because there are already so many of these “holidays”, I thought I’d add a few of my own…

Misplaced Shopping Cart Awareness Day: Every day, thousands of carts bear the load of our groceries. Then they are left like lost sheep waiting for some poor employee to coral them to safety. This holiday would bring awareness to those lost cart souls.

National Stay Seated Until Your Row is Ready To Depart the Plane Day. It’s a bit wordy, but this day may impress upon people that they don’t have to spring up the second the plane stops.

Raymond Simpson

Raymond Simpson is a California native, a longtime Coral Springs resident, and the Editor at TSFD. He lives with his family in Coral Springs, where you can find him on weekends running – literally running – with his two golden retrievers.

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