Documentary to come on Jacksonville woman killed in 2019

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A mother’s plea for victims of domestic abuse to seek help.

This comes years after her 24-year-old daughter was shot and killed by her then boyfriend in 2019.

Khina Culler’s family is putting their pain in a documentary.

A documentary set to premiere in October telling the story of Culler’s life.

The 24-year-old was shot to death in the Paxon area of Jacksonville by her ex-lover.

Culler’s mother says the worst part is her grandchildren are without their mother and father because the man is also dead.

“Death isn’t tailor made, it can knock on anybody’s door,” said Tiki Stafford.

Stafford says she never realized the extent of the abuse her daughter was experiencing until after she died. She says her daughter filed several injunctions against her ex and also called police to their home, but she didn’t think domestic violence would be the death of her.

“Domestic violence is happening more than it used to happen and it’s a silent killer and people need to talk about it,” said Stafford.

In October, ‘Remebering Khina Culler’ will premiere for several Florida audiences. The documentary is meant to raise awareness on domestic violence.

As Culler’s story is told by several of her loved ones, her mother says she hopes people understand that love doesn’t hurt.

“If somebody can watch a documentary and it touches them and give them strength in their heart to want to change the way they’re living, even men because you’ve got men being abused too,” said Culler.

If you’d like to watch the premiere of the documentary, you can click here.

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