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Golden Gate Titans looking for memorable season

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. — This past week, was the first chance for a lot of our high school teams to buckle up the chinstrap and take the field in a game like setting.

Just two weeks away, from the official start of the new football season.

And it’s a chance for teams like Golden Gate to prove themselves.

“My three years being here,” said Johnny Charles, “this year is one of the most promising years. The weightlifting program, the coaching staff, everything has just forged and upgraded. And the energy around here, it’s contagious.”

Now the Titans are looking for a big change this year.

Because for the last 4 years, the Titans have found themselves with a 16-22 record.

But head coach Nick Bigica, believes he’s got the staff and skills to make a big change.

“Well when I took over, we were lacking in a lot of areas,” said Bigica. “Weightlifting wise, coaching wise. That’s what we’ve really built up over the years and that’s probably the two staples that have probably made such a difference for us.”

And many of these players can feel the support as well.

Many of them saying, they’re thrilled with the staff that’s standing on that sideline.

“Coach Bigica has set us a perfect coaching staff,” said John Lee-Honorat. “A perfect game plan. It’s up to us to make it happen and I’m sure we will. With the personnel that we have, we have great things ahead of us as a team.”

Only time will tell if these Titans are truly ready for gridiron.

But coach believes, we will see for ourselves starting August 19th.

“We are as strong as any high school team I’ve seen in a long time,” said Bigica. “We are very strong and it’s going to show on the field this year.”

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