More than 65 dogs rescued from property in Clewiston

CLEWISTON, Fla. — The Furry Friends of Jupiter said they just helped with one of the biggest rescues so far this year in Florida, and it happened out of Clewiston.

Over 65 dogs were surrendered from a Montura property off of South Mayoral.

“There’s mostly large dogs,” the Executive Director of Furry Friends of Jupiter, Jason Gluck, said. “There’s shepherds, there’s malawas, there’s hounds.”

Gluck is talking about just some of the dogs they just rescued.

“It’s a really unfortunate situation,” he said. “60 dogs and deplorable conditions.”

The Furry Friends of Jupiter drove here in their rescue bus as soon as they got the call. In total, about 65 dogs were taken.

But for one neighbor who wanted to stay anonymous, she could hear these dogs from blocks away.

“I’m sure that these animals were not taken care of to the best of their ability,” they said. “I am a neighbor, and I’ve constantly at night time hear numerous dogs screeching and roaring, and I’m just not sure exactly where it was coming from.”

While they were loading these dogs onto the rescue bus to take to the animal shelter, many were found roaming the street.

“This was a very unique situation where the animals were all over the place,” Gluck said. “And it was not easy, and I can credit the City of Clewiston and their ACOs who spent months on this case.”

Furry Friends will be taking about 10 of the dogs and puppies back home with them.

“It is a shame, and the person that was responsible for this was in the wrong, but we need to make it easy for people to give their animals up,” Gluck said.

The remaining 55 dogs will stay at the Clewiston Animal Shelter from now before transferring many to surrounding shelters in the area.

The Hendry County Sheriff’s Office first got a call about this possible animal hoarding case on Sunday.

It’s still under investigation, and they said no arrests have been made.

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