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UM fashion essentials

The fashion scene in Miami is truly one-of-a-kind from its breezy daytime looks to designer nightclub outfits; it can be a challenge to adjust to the style persona of a new city. But not every outfit needs to be a statement piece, most of the time a student’s wardrobe is composed of what is clean and practical.

Regardless of whether your personal style is Vera Wang or off-brand Crocs, these are the essentials everyone must have in Miami.


One thing to know about living in Miami is that it is hot.

The heat is unavoidable, but is better faced in dri-fit light clothing, otherwise known as athleisure rather than sweatshirts and pants.

Sophomore Ashley Cohon swears by athleisure wear, especially when walking around UM in southern Florida humidity.

“Biker shorts, tank tops and sneakers have been my holy grails this past semester,” Cohon said. “For someone who has to walk from opposite sides of campus to get from one class to the next, athleisure keeps me cool and comfortable.”


With the blazing Miami heat, comes an extremely bright sun.

Most UM students can agree that sunglasses are a must-have in Miami, including sophomore Chase Cohen, who could not leave his apartment without his favorite pair of sunglasses.

“If I don’t have my sunglasses on me, I will be squinting everywhere I go,” Cohen said. “They are so essential here in Miami.”

Flip-flops and bathing suits

Whether after a hard day of classes or on a lazy Sunday, the campus pool is the best place to unwind and relax.

Every day, students can be found hanging out by the campus pool to cool down and take a break from their classes, so be sure to keep a bathing suit and flip-flops handy.

“Going to school in Miami is the best because instead of taking a nap inside when I become tired I just lay outside by the pool and enjoy the sun,” junior Ally Joseph said. “Bathing suits and flip-flops are a necessity for UM students.”

Raincoat and umbrella

Although deemed the Sunshine State, South Florida’s sunny skies can darken into a major thunderstorm in a matter of minutes.

Sophomore Ethan DePalma said that his waterproof raincoat and sturdy umbrella have saved him several times from having to sit in the back of his lecture hall soaking wet from South Florida’s unpredictable afternoon rain showers.

“At UM, when it rains, it pours,” DePalma said. “Even if I don’t have my raincoat on, I always keep my umbrella in my backpack just in case.”

Jeans and nice going-out clothes

The city of Miami is known for its art, food and fashion. Be it in a pop-up art exhibit, along Bayshore’s waterfront or at a Michelin star restaurant, UM students express themselves around the city through their funky and unique outfits.

Sophomore Aly Kirsch said she always looks forward to exploring the city with her friends in a fashionable outfit on the weekends.

“Whether it’s a downtown restaurant or a concert, I definitely recommend bringing nicer clothing to wear out because when you experience the beauty of Miami you will definitely want to take some pictures with friends and it is fun to dress up every once in a while,” Kirsch said.

When packing to make your move down to Miami be sure to pack your fashion essentials.

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