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City of Cape Coral installing bubble curtains to clean algae

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Cape Coral city leaders are working to protect canals from blue-green algae.

Public works contractors were out on the Plato Canal Thursday morning, beginning the process of the second bubble curtain installation in the city’s canal system.

“This is the second of 10,” Michael Ilczyszyn, Public Works Director said.

Ten devices – known as bubble curtains – will be placed in Cape Coral’s canals.

Ilczyszyn says a generator plate will sit on the canal floor and produce bubbles that float to the surface.

“The intent of that air curtain is to actually deflect blue-green algae from entering the city’s canal system,” Ilczyszyn said.

The ten bubble curtains will help stop the algae before it ever starts forming.

“They’re going to be spaced out about every six feet on the floor on the canal,” Ilczyszyn said. “Once we have them all in place, we will be able to turn on the compressor.”

The installation of the ten bubble curtains can take up to 30 days.

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