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Explore tastes of Mediterranean cuisine –with a twist — at Surfside’s Neya Restaurant

Everything old is new again at Neya. They’re putting a 21st century spin on classic Israeli cuisine. The tastes and textures of Mediterranean food are dancing to a brand-new beat at this new restaurant.

Neya is Surfside’s newest entry into the South Florida foodie scene.

Veronica Straw: “Neya is a modern Israeli restaurant.”

There’s more than one country keeping the kitchen busy.

Veronica Straw: “We offer fantastic flavors brought together from Morocco, Spain and, of course, the Mediterranean.”

They’ve made it a point to hit the refresh button when it comes to foods you think you know., so be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

Veronica Straw: “It would be a kind of mix of old and new, but you’ll also see new things that are not present in Israeli cuisine, so this will be a really refreshing take on how it’s presented.”

Your orders come in a parade of mostly small plates. You and your BFFs are going to be glad about that.

Veronica Straw: “When the dishes come to the table, it brings everybody together to focus on the dishes and to really, like, dip into them and taste everything and share.”

Diving directly into a serving of tiger prawns with your best bud? What could be better than that?

If you’re flying solo, kick things off with a beet salad in pink yogurt.

Of course, there are drinks to be had, like the Neya martini.

Veronica Straw: “Our Neya martini is a tropical take on the martini. It is prepared with vodka, homemade pineapple purée and basil syrup.”

The sister cocktail to the martini really ties into the theme of the whole place. It’s called the Netanya, and it’s named after a city in Israel.

Veronica Straw: “It’s prepared with gin, basil, cucumber, and it’s absolutely refreshing.”

Share a Mediterranean pizza topped with ground lamb. Divide a plate full of Israeli dumplings.

Neya’s goal is to bring a brand-new dining experience to Surfside. Looks like it’s working.

Romina: “My drink was amazing. I love the dishes, the colors, the texture. I love the place.”

Neya Restaurant
9491 Harding Ave.
Surfside, FL 33154

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