Florida parents concerned about bus overcrowding in viral video

YULEE, Fla. — School started this week for kids who attend Nassau County School District, but parents have concerns about the overcrowding of their child’s school bus.

“The kids are in their care, and they should realize the bus is overcrowded and only allow that many kids,” said Joni McDairmant who has a child dealing with overcrowded school buses.

McDairmant says it’s been a rough week for her daughter who attends Yulee High School because the bus rides are overcrowded.

“She had two kids next to her in the seat,” said McDairmant. “She was on the end. She had somebody on her lap. She had somebody next to her with her backpack right in her face.”

McDairmant sent First Coast News photos and a video of the bus rides her daughter took this week.

In the footage you can see multiple students standing up towards the front and the back of the bus.

“I can completely understand if they are going to have a staff shortage, but safety is the most important thing,” said McDairmant.

We reached out to the Nassau County School District. Here is what officials had to say.

“When establishing bus routes each year we do our best to estimate the number of students who may be utilizing district transportation. However, it takes a few days of actually running the routes to establish what our true ridership will be. We will make adjustments to routes to ensure buses are not overcrowded.”

McDairmant has high hopes for next week that the buses will seat students safely.

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