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Summer program at LPM Restaurant & Bar in Brickell lets you say ‘oui’ to rosé and save money

It’s no secret we like wine. Lynn favors a sauvignon blanc, and Shireen is fond of the gas station variety, and when she’s feeling fancy, she goes for the stuff in a box. A local restaurant is popping the cork on a European wine tradition that makes you feel like you’re hanging in the south of France.

LPM Restaurant & Bar in Miami wants you to drink pink.

This French Mediterranean spot has a new program that will have you saying oui to wine. I don’t really speak the language, so I’ll let them tell you what it’s called.

Jacob Weiner: “L’été en rosé literally means summer in rosé.’”

In France, chilling outside, sharing a bottle and bites is a thing. LPM wants to make it popular in SoFlo, too.

Jacob Weiner: “We are doing L’été en rosé to extend the summer, which we consider in France a holiday.”

Here are the deets.

Jacob Weiner: “When you buy a bottle of rosé, you will receive complimentary bar snacks.”

There are so many choices. You get to pick from the entire appetizer menu.

Jacob Weiner: “A popular snack would be the burrata tartine, which is fresh mozzarella. The croquettes of Chilean bass with smoked paprika and Parmesan and roasted pepper relish are very nice. Our lemon roasted chicken squares that are done in our Josper oven, in our charcoal burning oven, are also very tasty.”

And size matters.

Jacob Weiner: “With the standard size bottle of wine, you are getting three bar snacks. If you have extra friends and you get a magnum of rosé, which is the equivalent of two bottles, we will give you six of our bar snacks.”

Then there’s the big bottle!

Jacob Weiner: “Of course, if you’re gong all out, you will get 12 bar snacks with your Jeroboam of rosé, which is the equivalent of four bottles of wine.”

We did the math. Your wallet will be happy with this one.

Jacob Weiner: “Our bar snacks range from $10 to $20, so with a bottle of rosé, you could theoretically be saving anywhere from $40 to $60 on those appetizers.”

The deal is only good with the pink stuff. Your taste buds will thank you.

Jeidy Hernandez: “The rosé is very refreshing. I feel like it’s very yummy.”

There’s one other thing you gotta remember: you can only get this if you eat on the terrace.

Jeidy Hernandez: “I think getting free bites with the purchase of a bottle is a great deal, and it’s a great motivation to bring friends along and have a good time.”

Bottles of rosé start at about $60.

The program runs through the end of September.

LPM Restaurant & Bar
1300 Brickell Bay Drive
Miami, FL 33131

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