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Collier County Animal Shelter holding an event for adoption of animals

COLLIER CO, FLA — The Collier County Animal Shelter is seeing an intake rate that is higher than its adoption rate.

According to Angel Grace, who is the coordinator of the Animal Services Program, “We have a high number of everything right now , between what is currently at the shelter and what’s in foster care. We are getting close to around 600 or 700 animals in our care.”

Because there are so many animals that need homes, the Collier County Domestic Animal Services are holding a special event in Naples called the “Greatest Shelter On Earth Kitty Cat & Canine Adoption Carnival and Fun-D-Raiser” until Saturday night.

Grace has high hopes that more people will start thinking about adopting a pet so that animal shelters will have more capacity to accommodate animals who have been abandoned or have been subjected to abuse.

“Not only shelters in Florida but also across the country have unfortunately been having to either lessen their intake or stop their in-take all together,” said Grace.

There might be a variety of reasons for the increase in the number of pets.

“We also get in-take from people surrendering pets, we get in-take from stray animals that may be loose in the community, cruelty cases. Whatever the situation might be, we are opening, so we do take in all of these animals,” Grace said.

As exciting as it is to have a pet of your own, with that pleasure comes the responsibility of taking care of the pet.

According to Marcy Perry, Director of Collier County Domestic Animal Services, “We want them to keep in mind that they’re adopting a furry friend for life so the pet that they’re adopting can live 10 to 15 years depending on what they select.”

The shelter on Davis Boulevard is hosting an event named “Greatest Shelter On Earth” through Saturday.

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