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Jacksonville police investigating two separate shootings where two people were left in serious condition

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — According to the authorities, two individuals were shot in separate incidents in Jacksonville on Saturday morning, and both of them are in critical condition.

At around 3:10 in the morning, a man who had been shot in the stomach drove himself to the nearest hospital. An operation has to be performed quickly. At this moment, we do not have any information on his condition. According to the man, the incident took place close to the intersection of 103rd Street and Blanding Boulevard.

Shell casings were collected at the crime scene by the investigators.

Almost an hour later, the Jacksonville Police Department was called to a shooting that had taken place inside a vehicle at the intersection of 45th Street and Moncrief Road. A man was discovered by authorities who had a number of gunshot wounds in his back. He was in serious condition when paramedics arrived at the scene and transported him to the hospital.

There are no witnesses or suspects known to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office in connection with either incident. Investigators are now trying to figure out if the two cases are related to each other or not.

Please contact the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office at the following number: (904) 630-0500 if you have any information on either shooting. Call Crime Stoppers at 1-866-845-TIPS if you want to provide information anonymously.

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