Fort Myers temperature reached record-breaking heat third day in a row

The temperature in the city of Fort Myers reached a new all-time high of 97 degrees on Monday afternoon, establishing a new record for the 22nd of August.

The previous record high for the date was also set today in 2017 at 96 degrees, but this year’s temperature is much higher.

The temperature in the City of Palms broke another record on Monday, making it the third day in a row that the city has experienced record-breaking heat.

Temperatures in Fort Myers reached 98 degrees on Saturday, matching the all-time high for the 20th of August, which was first recorded in 1987. The temperature in the city reached 97 degrees on Sunday, which is the same record high as it was on August 21, 2014.

Since 1902, the National Weather Service has maintained a record of the day’s temperature at Page Field Airport in Fort Myers.

Temperatures in the city usually reach between 91 and 92 degrees during the end of August on average.

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