Alligator attack leaves FL wildlife park director severely injured, got his arm amputated following surgery

VENUS, Fla. — According to reports, the director of a wildlife park in Florida lost his hand and part of his arm as the result of an attack by an alligator.

On August 17, Greg Graziani reportedly suffered an injury when interacting with an alligator at Florida Gator Gardens, as stated in a post on the agency’s Facebook page.

The park said that Graziani suffered an injury to his arm during the assault, but that it was successfully reattached during the nine-hour surgery.

But about a week later, he went in for a second surgery to find out if the damaged tissue had any chance of healing.

A recent Facebook post from Florida Gator Gardens said that doctors couldn’t save Graziani’s hand and had to cut off his arm below the elbow, leaving him with only half of his forearm.

The post says that Graziani will have the choice of getting a prosthetic.

The alligator that was involved in the incident will remain at the animal park, according to Florida Gator Gardens.

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