Preliminary report into a plane crash in Miramar that resulted in two fatalities was released by the NTSB

MIRAMAR, Fla. – The preliminary report into the plane crash that occurred in Miramar a month ago and resulted in the deaths of two men has been made public by the National Transportation Safety Board.

Flight instructor Antony Rolland Yen, 34, and student pilot Jordan Hall, 32, have been identified as the victims of the crash.

The report does not establish the specific cause of the crash that occurred on October 17, but it does reveal that the plane had engine problems in the days leading up to the accident.

According to the NTSB report, the flight instructor and the student had gone to a hangar at the airport to borrow a screwdriver on the day of the crash.

According to the report, the witness said that they had been experiencing difficulties with the plane in the days leading up to the accident, but they were unsure as to what the particular nature of those problems were. In addition to that, the witness said that on the day of the crash, before takeoff, the engine of the plane “did not sound right.”

The National Transportation Safety Board also confirmed that a representative of the airframe manufacturer said the instructor had called him a few days before the crash to say that he was having trouble with the engine control unit, which caused him to lose power while he was flying.

“He said that the instructor told him that shortly after the power loss, the engine power returned and he landed safely,” the report stated. “He said that they contacted the engine manufacturer to report the event and attempted troubleshooting the issue. The airframe manufacturer also said that on the day of the accident, he thought that the flight instructor and student pilot were still troubleshooting the engine problem.”

The report indicates that the engine did not sustain any damage during the accident, despite the fact that it was shifted as a result of the accident.

The investigation into the crash being conducted by the NTSB is still open.

Alfred Duncan

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