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Student taken into custody after gun found in backpack at Fort Lauderdale school

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Gun violence has been a problem for decades, and it has only worsened with time. This particular topic, especially about gun violence in U.S. schools, is one of the most discussed issues recently. The most important thing is to try to understand the causes of gun violence and how it can be prevented in order to reduce the number of victims and create a safer environment for children.

As a result of the recent rise in the number of incidents related to gun violence in and near schools, more than half of the parents report being very frightened and concerned about the possibility that a shooting will take place at their child’s school.

There were 193 incidents of gunfire on school grounds during the 2021–2022 school year, which is nearly four times the average number of incidents during these months in all other years and the highest number of incidents since authorities began keeping track of this kind of incident in 2013.

Besides the authorities’ attempts to address this issue, we can all prevent gun violence in schools by advocating for more counseling at school, which can reduce the risk of gun violence among students, and by keeping guns out of the wrong hands.

The schools in Florida have seen an increasing number of incidents regarding students carrying guns on school grounds, with the most recent taking place on Friday.

Officers within the Fort Lauderdale Police Department received a report about a student who was reportedly carrying a gun at William Dandy Middle School, which is located at 2400 NW 26th Street. The middle school was placed on “code red” as a result of the incident, and an increased presence of police was observed at the school.

Responding officers were able to quickly locate the student and find a gun in his backpack. The student was taken into custody.

Fortunately, there have been no injuries, and no shots were fired.

Information on the student’s age was not made public.

The incident remains under investigation.

We will update this article as soon as more information becomes available.

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