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Dallas Youth Orchestra performs impromptu jazz concert at Galleria Dallas

Amidst the bustling ambiance of the Galleria Dallas, shoppers were treated to a delightful surprise this weekend – a free concert featuring the talented students of the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra, one of the most distinguished youth orchestras in the country. The mall’s thoroughfares reverberated with soulful jazz tunes, courtesy of the young and gifted performers who left the audience mesmerized with their impeccable musicality.

This impromptu concert was organized to commemorate the Stand for the Arts Awards, a noble initiative aimed at recognizing organizations that promote art education and advocacy. The GDYO was one of the ten deserving recipients to receive a generous $10,000 donation from Ovation TV in recognition of their outstanding efforts in this field.

The stage was graced by several promising musicians, each displaying remarkable talent in their respective instruments. Dylan Shaw dazzled the audience with his soulful piano skills, while Justin Rydberg on baritone saxophone, Cody Giancolla on bass, Jackson Iseneker on trumpet, and Gabe Gerth on drums, made the whole concert hall groove to their groovy beats.

The Executive Director of the GDYO, Cathy Havicon, expressed her delight at being chosen as one of the award recipients, and described the achievement as a testament to their relentless pursuit of excellence in music education over the past 51 years. The GDYO, established in 1972, is a non-profit organization that has consistently endeavored to provide the youth with access to top-tier music education and performance opportunities.

In addition to its commitment to musical excellence, the GDYO has also instituted an extensive scholarship program, aimed at ensuring that every deserving student can access their services. In this regard, the organization has offered scholarships to nearly 20 percent of its students, based purely on financial need.

Right now, auditions are open for the upcoming 2023-2024 season. For more details to get your child involved, click here.


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