About us

We at The South Florida Daily care about the things you care about. Our mission is to deliver a quality online source that the communities we serve can proudly call their own.

As a local publisher, each day we want to produce and publish stories that informs and inspires the communities we serve. We want our readers to enjoy overlooked, under the radar news from a sustainable community-news outlet that keeps residents in our area informed, engaged and better educated.

Our second, and equally important mission, here is to serve the businesses in the area we serve. The South Florida Daily is dedicated to helping area businesses grow by providing marketing opportunities and advertising support. Helping businesses in our area grow, helps our communities remain strong and vibrant.

If you like the stories and photos you see on our local news site, kindly consider buying us a coffee. There are no subscriptions and traditional advertising supported media business model is all but dead. Every cup helps us spend one more day working on stories and building an informative now and for the future. Your support will not only be appreciated by ourselves, but by every reader who finds a photo or story they enjoy on each visit.

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