About us

We at The South Florida Daily care about the things you care about. Our mission is to deliver a quality online source that the communities we serve can proudly call their own.

As a local publisher, we want to produce and publish stories that inform and inspire the communities we serve. We want our readers to enjoy overlooked, under-the-radar news from a sustainable community-news outlet that keeps residents in our area informed, engaged, and better educated.

Our second, and equally important, mission here is to serve the businesses in the area we serve. The South Florida Daily is dedicated to helping area businesses grow by providing marketing opportunities and advertising support. Helping businesses in our area grow helps our communities remain strong and vibrant.

If you like the stories and photos you see on our local news site, kindly consider buying us a coffee. There are no subscriptions; the content is free for everyone. The South Florida Daily maintains its traditional advertising-supported media business model. Every cup helps us spend one more day working on stories and building an informative future. Your support will not only be appreciated by ourselves but by every reader who finds a photo or story they enjoy on each visit.

Mission and Editorial Standards

Our mission is to connect with an audience that wants a deeper, clearer understanding of the world around them, regardless of their orientation. Our team of reporters, writers, editors, and publishers will always provide the facts and context necessary to understand every single piece of content published on our website.

We strive to uncover all the facts 

We believe that there are knowable facts, and we are committed to the truth. Before it’s published, every piece of content is thoroughly examined, and we will always present a broad range of relevant facts and viewpoints, which is a reflection of our strict editorial standards. We promise that every assignment will give the most complete picture possible, and we always give the best sources for certain topics.

Independent journalism

This site is not owned and operated by major corporate news companies, which gives us the ability to pursue stories we think are important to our readers. Our team has complete freedom in creating the content from a neutral point of view, and every single member is taking rigorous steps to avoid personal conflicts of interest and disclose them when they cannot.


Local, regional, and state news remain our top focus, but we also create content that we believe is of national interest.


The site is supported by donors, sponsors (mostly local companies in the areas we operate in), and advertisers (through the largest ad networks like AdSense, RevContent, and Mgid). We commit to disclosing any other paid relationships not covered in this description. Our investors, sponsors, and advertisers will play no role in editorial decisions.

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